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Hedgehog Baby's Available for Purchase

Please do your research before committing to a pet:  http://hedgehogcare.org/             

These Prices are for the baby's only, We do deliver Hedgehogs by Ground the Delivery fee can vary please contact us for a quote. To Ship on Airlines cost varies on time of year and airlines please call for quote, Shipping does include Flight, Carrier, and Health Certifcate. We can get them to most major airports. Avg. cost is $200.00 to $250.00 We can put more than one in carrier. All our Hedgehog Babys come with a printed Pedigree showing colors and parents in their Backround for a small fee.($25.00) We have a WHS & Cancer Health Guarantee! We send our Hedgies home between 6 to 8 weeks depending on litter size and hedgie baby must weigh over 100 grams. Our babys are given Frontline dose when weaned and our adults are treated for mite preventative monthly. Colors on hedgehogs is Non-Toxic and Safe and is used to make sure the hedgie you choose is the one you go home with.

We also offer a full cage kit (for Local delivery or Pick Up   only) It includes a Xtra large cage and Safety Wheel, Large House, Food, Bowl, Water Bottle, Treats, Bedding & Baby Hedgehog of your Choice. Total with Hedgie & kit is $300.00 they come in a few different colors as well. ( PIctured at the bottom of this page) You will notice the  phrase  " I am so Super Friendly its crazy" this is put onto the hedgies that when we play with them each day are already opening and playing. The others will get there soon but these are the ones at that point already. The easy ones are good for first timers or Novice Hedgie owners

Any of the hedgies in our shop are kept as littermates togoether only until 8 weeks of age and then are seperated by sex. We do not keep any hoglets of breeding age housed together

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  PNC Tinkerbells Pixie Dust  X ZTHH Tiberus Ren PNC

  Please choose a payment option then add a note as to which hedgie baby you choose Thanks

      DOB 9/19/18

$150.00 for hedgie baby or /$300.00 for Hedgie baby with Full cage Kit

Options for payment

New Babys will be pictured next week..ready around Nov 27th

Hedgehog Kit

Comes Complete with Xlg cage, xlg Safety Wheel, Bedding, Food, Large House, Treats, Mealworms, Water Bottle, Bowl & Baby Hedgie of your choice

$300.00(for 150.00 hedgie or $350.00 for a 200.00 hedgie) + sales tax

We Offer a whole line of Natural Holistic Sprays for Hedgies made here and completely safe for all pets Calming Spray, No Mites on Me Spray, No More Itchy Skin Spray $9.99 Per bottle ( Lasts a very long time 4oz)


We use All natural GMO free, Organic Oils and more in our Bath Bag bombs. Work great for many hogs in once bath bag as well No Rinse formula Safe for all Small Pets Use in Bag no small bits to pick out from quills or to get in their eyes etc. Great for small dogs too. $2.99 per Bag

Quantity Discount

Bonding bags


We also offer Handmade Bonding /Snuggling Pouches We have Pouch only Reversible $9.99, or Pouch with carring Strap $15.99, or Pouch with strap and zippered with window Great for sugar gliders as well. $19.99